When I shop for clothes I tend to follow my own set of rules simply because I don’t want to regret my purchase in the nearest future. Rule 1 – Comfort In my opinion it is the most important quality of a garment. It cannot be too tight or constrict my movements. Tight-fitting clothes make … [Read more…]


21st April is a very special day – Queen Elizabeth II celebrates Her birthday. This year She turns 91. Many happy returns, Your Royal Highness!!! The British Monarchy is vastly popular among its subjects. What’s more, the whole world shows a keen interest in news from the Buckingham Palace. Every Queen’s public appearance gathers multitude … [Read more…]


Dots and spots are such cheery patterns. They stand out in the crowd and are easy to spot. Therefore, it is a small wonder that I bought this navy blue coat with white spots the moment I saw it. When I look at it, my imagination goes wild with possibilities this beautiful creation produces. It … [Read more…]


It is my personal gift to the community that I haven’t got a driver’s license. I know I would be a lousy driver either driving recklessly with no regard for others or extremely slowly like a snail – driving other drivers up the wall. And I would certainly become a champion of swearing and cursing … [Read more…]


Spring is undoubtedly a season of coats. You can see them everywhere, in all shapes, colours and sizes: light and dark, long and short, flowery, checked and dotted. Spring sun makes people discard their winter outerwear and jump into their coats. Today I present one of my favourite coats – a grey dress coat with … [Read more…]


Camo  is a material designed to conceal a wearer from an unfriendly eye – a property highly sought-after by soldiers. For many years it was reserved only for the army but finally found its way to catwalks. And the fashion world embraced it and reveled in it. Soon camo jackets, trousers, bags, shoes and caps … [Read more…]


People who exercise regularly know how highly beneficial it is – it keeps the body and mind healthy and young. However, there are about 50 muscles in a human body that people tend to  overlook in their physical workout. All of these neglected muscles are in the face. If unused, they can become weak and … [Read more…]


A beige coat has been in fashion for some time and any self-respecting fashionista should have it in her wardrobe. But try as I might I wasn’t able to find the one for me. However, after a long and arduous search I finally found a perfect beige coat. It was love at first sight. It’s … [Read more…]