It is cold and windy outside. The temperature has dropped considerably over the last couple of days and the sun rarely comes out from behind a thick layer of clouds. It rains almost every day and the air is chilly. I went shopping last weekend to find some proper heavy-duty coat to protect me from … [Read more…]


Nothing says AUTUMN better than a thick carpet of fallen leaves under your feet. The trees are no longer green – Mother Nature has taken her brush out and has painted them red, yellow and brown. The grass has lost its freshness and the air is chilly. The weather is getting worse – it’s cold … [Read more…]


As a rule I don’t watch medical drama series. As a squeamish person it is hard for me to sit through an episode without being sick or grosses out by stomach contents, dripping blood or bone fractures. I’ve heard about HOUSE M.D. a lot but couldn’t bring myself around to start watching it. But the … [Read more…]