21st April is a very special day – Queen Elizabeth II celebrates Her birthday. This year She turns 91. Many happy returns, Your Royal Highness!!! The British Monarchy is vastly popular among its subjects. What’s more, the whole world shows a keen interest in news from the Buckingham Palace. Every Queen’s public appearance gathers multitude … [Read more…]


If you are a true Potterhead and love everything J. K. Rowling has written about ‘The Boy Who Lived’, then there is a place you must visit. It is called Warner Bros. Studios Tour and is located just outside London. You start your journey into the magical world of Harry Potter from the Victoria Coach … [Read more…]


When first published in 1996 Bridget Jones’s Diary created quite a stir among the female population. And it was all down to the novel’s main character – Bridget Jones, imperfect, insecure and loveable. This single gal’s troubled love life, unsuccessful career and constant grumbling of an overbearing mother have warmed out hearts to her from … [Read more…]


The cold weather outside makes me think of TRIPLE S: sea, sand and the sun. All of that can be found in Turkey – an exotic and picturesque country famous for its historical places and rich culture. It is a place where East meets West and forms a beautiful and unique combination. Personally, I was … [Read more…]


I discovered Bunny Meyer on YouTube by chance. I was bored and tried to kill time by watching random videos. I saw a promising title Does this thing really work? and clicked on it. It was like a hit on the head with a hammer. In the said video a noisy, blond girl with big … [Read more…]


My town is in the cold clutches of fierce winter and I am loving every minute of it! Everywhere I look I see ice and snow. I hope this weather will hold for a bit longer because I haven’t had such beautiful winter time for quite a while. Here are the photos from my afternoon … [Read more…]