I discovered Bunny Meyer on YouTube by chance. I was bored and tried to kill time by watching random videos.

I saw a promising title Does this thing really work? and clicked on it. It was like a hit on the head with a hammer. In the said video a noisy, blond girl with big teeth was testing some strange device, making a lot of funny faces and telling bad jokes. What surprised me the most was her appearance: disheveled hair, no makeup, torn clothes and no self control when it comes to behaviour in front of the camera.

bunny-04aI spent the next three hours watching all of her videos I could find. After such a big dose of Swamp Land and its Queen I could do nothing but simply fall in love with her.

Bunny is my idol. She is funny, charming, emotional, enthusiastic and sociable. You can either love or hate Bunny, but you can’t stay indifferent towards her. What’s more, she is not afraid to be herself in this pool of hatred on the Internet. She has enough guts to say “I am who I am – take it or leave it.”

The funny thing is I don’t use makeup products she does or use devices she tests. I am on her channel almost every day purely for her charm. I could listen to her for hours. Every time my day is lousy or I have no strength to go on I pop into her Swamp Land to see and hear the Queen.

And Bunny Meyer DOES really work for me!








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