1. Oh… My.. God… This is killing me 😋 I am a huge fan of anything cinnamon and dying to try this, the minute I get back home from work. I am, however, on a diet which means that will have to wait 😕 Darn…

    • Kitty

      I love cinnamon, too. I add it everywhere I can. This cinnamon roll is one of the best things I’ve baked. I try not to eat to many cakes, but once in a while I deserve a reward for being a nice person [any reason for eating a cake is a good reason ;)]

  2. Now, you’ve stolen my heart with this cinnamon roll. They are my favorite hot sweet roll. I’m not the baker I once way but I may have to start with these! haha. Well, one can dream. Take care!

    • Kitty

      I love cinnamon and I add it to my tea and water. The roll is easy to make and easy to consume. Mine lasted only two hours! 😉

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