It is cold and windy outside. The temperature has dropped considerably over the last couple of days and the sun rarely comes out from behind a thick layer of clouds. It rains almost every day and the air is chilly.

I went shopping last weekend to find some proper heavy-duty coat to protect me from this awful weather. I vowed not to buy anything dark in colour but ended up with a black coat. But I simply couldn’t resist it.

The coat is long enough to cover my ‘lady lumps’ so they won’t freeze. The hood is big and so cleverly constructed that it does not fall off my head every time a strong gust of wind blows in my direction. The material is thick but not heavy. I hate clothes that weight tons and I feel like a knight wearing a 20-kilo armour. What’s more, the coat’s cut is flattering to a female figure. It is not something I look for  in an outer garment but it is nice to look sexy even on a cold day.


In an outfit like this I can weather any kind of autumn weather without any problems.





    • Kitty

      I love rock style! I can’t wait to wear leather jackets and biker boots. I am waiting for the weather to change for the better. Your amazing outfits have also inspired me to make some changes to my wardrobe 🙂 :*

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