• Kitty

      It’s hard to stay indifferent to this particular pattern when you see it everywhere. I just love everything plaid! 🙂

    • Kitty

      Thank You! My plaid collection is getting even bigger. I think I must stop before I go completely crazy with the pattern 😉

  1. Here it is January and I still have nothing which looks like winter on the front line. In fact, I’m still wearing flip-flops. Hahaha… In this case, I guess I haven’t checked my wardrobe. smh If I wait too much longer, it will be spring since we don’t get much of a winter here. By March, most people are in shorts again if they ever put them away.

    • Kitty

      Oh, how lucky You are. I hate winter with its cold air and biting winds. I have to put several layers of clothing so I will not freeze my butt. 🙁

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