Have you ever heard of a herb called fenugreek? No? Me neither. And I’m not surprised. It is used as a spice in an Indian or Turkish cuisine. But it’s flavour and taste interest me the least. Fenugreek is a powerful ally in fighting hair loss and baldness. It can also moisturize your tresses and prolong their freshness. Some people claim fenugreek helped them grow their hair faster, but mine refuses to cooperate and no amount of pleading or cursing will have any effect on the damn thing!

I’m going to give you a recipe to prepare fenugreek brew.

You need a tablespoon of fenugreek powder. Put it in a cup, add boiling water and wait till it’s cold. Then, sieve through and rub into your scalp. You can leave the mixture on but I prefer to wash it off after an hour or two.

The smell of fenugreek mixture is not inviting (smells like chicken broth) so I add some coffee brew to kill the odour. I also add a few drops of mint essential oil to increase the blood circulation.

If you haven’t tried fenugreek before, give it a try. You will be surprised by its effectiveness in fighting hair loss.







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