I have a love-hate relationship with makeup: I love it on others, but hate it on me. I can spend hours watching tutorials on YouTube and admire people and their skills. And there are many talented individuals out there. They have perfected the art of makeup to such an extent that just a few swishes of a brush can make their faces look fresh, spotless and sexy.

Sadly I am not one of them. I really suck at it. My eyeliner looks like it was done by a two-year old, my shadows go way beyond the eyelid limits, and my blush looks like a bright blob of colour on my cheeks. The only thing I can apply properly is a lip gloss, which is more than I can say about a lipstick.

With a makeup like that I can try to get a small role as a zombie in a horror movie. However, I wouldn’t risk living the house – I don’t want people to drop like flies at the mere sight of me.







  1. Hehe same as you i suck at doing my own makeup. Althougth i used to watch youtube toturiales, i only managed to do the shades and iluminations stuff but no succcess with the eyeliner… which is the most important, thats way i use makeup artists before shooting 🙂 yet when it comes to an ordinery day, i just use mascara, concealer and makeup brush

    • Kitty

      YouTube make-up tutorials seem so easy. I tried to copy some of the looks but the results were horrible. My family were laughing their heads off so I stopped pretending I know how to do my make-up. 😉

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