Find me a woman who says she doesn’t care for her looks and I will prove she’s lying. Women have always dreamt of spotless, wrinkleless skin and have tried every possible remedy to achieve it. That is why make-up was invented – not only to enhance the beauty of a wearer, but to cover any blemishes as well.

We all know that time is the most unforgiving of all beauty killers – getting old is an irreversible process that can’t be stopped. But I strongly believe that it can be slowed down. All it takes is a willing heart and a proper equipment.

And that’s where Dr. Lyapko massage applicators come in. They may look  like a torture device but in fact they are very useful tools for achieving healthy and radiant skin. The applicators are elastic rubber plates or rollers with the needles fixed on them. The needles are made of zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver – all of these metals are important for human body.

There are various Lyapko applicators – each has a different dimension and shape. The plates are recommended for static stimulation of body parts like back, belly, chest, palms and feet. The rollers can be applied to all part of the body and the stimulation is more dynamic.

During the massage the needles stimulate the skin receptors, reflex zones and active points in the body. At first you can feel discomfort – pricking and ‘biting’ of the needles may not be pleasant for a sensitive skin. But then comes a sensation of warmth and the pain disappears. After several minutes of applying you should feel relaxed and refreshed.

Lyapko plates and rollers can be used:

  • to improve overall well-being
  • to relieve anxiety and stress
  • to revive nervous system
  • to get rid of a headache
  • to relieve muscle and joints pain
  • to help cure old injuries
  • to eliminate tension in muscles
  • to make the immune system work better
  • to give the body additional assistance to fight with illnesses
  • to promote good circulation of the blood
  • to aid reducing cellulite
  • to stimulate hair growth by massaging scalp
  • to get a healthy looking face
  • to refresh skin
  • to even skin tone
  • to reduce wrinkles
  • to increase radiance
  • to tighten facial muscles
  • to lift the skin and make it firmer
  • to eliminate the puffiness
  • to reduce impurities and toxins
  • to normalize the moisture balance of the skin
  • to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin

If you are uncertain as to how and when to use Lyapko applicators, don’t worry. Each roller and plate comes with a manual. Every ailment and disease has its active points written out so you know which one to stimulate. There are also numerous videos on YouTube – always a nice reference in time of need.

The duration of the treatment varies – it all depends on the problem you want to tackle. For intensive pain, relaxation or anxiety you should stimulate your body for 15 – 30 minutes. If you want to tone up or increase working capacity, the treatment should last up to 10 minutes.

Lyapko applicators are safe to use – they do not cause allergies or side effects. If properly applied, the needles do not damage the skin and there is no contact with blood. When you use your applicator alone, there’s no need to disinfect it every single day. But if you decide to give it a good clean, wash it with a mild detergent, splash over some water and dry it with a hair-dryer.

Facial and body massage is a natural therapy that can help you look and feel better. And with Dr. Lyapko applicators the key to your health and beauty is in your own hands. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any keen-on beauty enthusiast.

Lyapko Facial Roller

Lyapko Big Roller

Lyapko Applicator Droplet

Lyapko Travel Mate

Lyapko Applicator Needle Ball

Lyapko Applicator Belt

Lyapko Applicator Rug Pad








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